KEISHO OHNO TsugaruShamisen Concert 〝Rocking Tradition〟

Manga,Anisong & Rock with the Shamisen !

  • date_range 06.21 (Sun) 19:00 ⇨ 06.24 (Wed)
  • grade Live / Instrumental / Anime
  • Shamisen/Concert/Manga/Anison/Rock/Traditional

The first online live performance of "Keisho Ohno", who will continue to be active all over the world!
We will send you classical songs and original shamisen ROCK, as well as covers for Anime songs.

*This online live performance starts at 19:00 on June 21, Japan standard time.

Keisho Ohno Profile

Performed in over 100 cities in 46 countries around the world
〝Keep traditional music while destroying it〟

Born in Niigata City, he started Tsugaru Shamisen at the age of 8 and attacked 〝Natori〟 at the age of 12.
At the age of 14, he was recognized by Chikuzan Takahashi, the first generation, and became the "takeover mainstream successor."
In 2006, he made his first ever appearance as a Tsugaru Shamisen player in the world's largest live event " SXSW " (South by Southwest), and he made a great success in the US tour.
2007 "Shamisen Soul! ~Shami Spirits~ major debut in ".
2010 years FIFA showcase performance on behalf of Japan at the World Cup in South Africa reception.
Debuted in Europe in 2011 with "KAMOME ".
Performed on behalf of Japan at the African Development Conference ( TICAD ) held in Ethiopia in 2013 and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) Ministerial Conference held in Paris in
2014 .
In 2018, they will perform at "Japonisme 2018 -Sounds that Resonate-" held in Paris in collaboration with both Japan and France .
In 2019, he has performed in more than 100 cities in 46 countries around the world, including performing at the "Cervantino International Art Festival", the largest international art festival in Latin America, and is a true Tsugaru Shamisen player who is active on the world stage.

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